Thursday September 8th, 2011 14:35 The New Thundercats

I’ve been giving a good long look at the New Thundercats series on Cartoon Network lately. I’m on the fence if I like it or not. So, I thought it best for me to try and explain the storyline here to see if it brings out any clarity on the subject. It’s tough when you want to like something because it jerks at one of your young heart notes, but this show is a clean wipe of anything from the old storylines. Think of it of kind of an alternate universe. Please note that there is a bunch of spoilers in this so if you really want to watch it and be surprised do not read forward.

The show begins in some crazy planet. Maybe it’s called, Third Earth, I don’t know I forget. But, you have this kingdom of Thundera. That’s where all the cats live. It’s a awesome walled-in private peaceful-with-their-own-kind type of place. I say that because they quickly point out that the Lizard people live outside the walls of Thundera. They are the enemies of the Cats. But because the Cats are so strong and powerful they were able to drive the Lizards out of the area forcing them to live in less fertile grounds. So the cats live peacefully in their private community with all the best soils to grow and live a prosperous lives without anyone going outside these walls.

Now you have this dude Lionel. He is the prince of the ThunderCats. And, he has an older brother too, Tigra. But I guess in this world Cats can breed Tigers and Lions or whatever without questioning how that works. Anyways, Tigra is the older brother but because he’s a tiger and not a lion he’s not the heir to the empire of Thundera, Lionel is. And Lionel will inherit the Sword of Omens. This sword is bad-ass and wield’s great power to the person who is destined to lead the ThunderCats. Of course, Lionel is that guy, but the problem is that he still has a lot to learn. And it seems with every episode Lionel learns something about life and learns to control the sword more and more.

Now, Lionel is into this thing called, Technology. It amazes him, but in Thundera they mock it like it’s junk. Scraps that people collect from outside the walls. The fascination benefits him later in the first episode. You quickly realize that although tech is reffered too as junk or scraps to the Cats the Lizards are masters of it and the only way they can match up against their nemesis is to use Technology against them.

Long story short, the Lizards pull a Troy and got into Thundera and destroyed the place with heavy mechs and artillery. They had little resistance from swords, staffs, and arrows. They killed Lionel’s father, who was voiced by the original dude who voiced Lionel in the original series, and only a few survived. Lionel is left with a mission to find the Book of Omens and figure out a way to defeat the evil and sinister Mumra dude.

Mumra is a whole other story. This guy is an old looking lizard that has quite the history with the Thundercats. They even hint in later episodes that at one point the Cats and Lizards were allies trying to defeat something larger than the both of them. Anyways, the Sword of Omens is powered by this crystal that Mumra thinks rightfully belongs to him. I have no idea if it really does belong to him, but so far the Cats have been really harsh with the Lizards, kinda makes you think twice about who really is the bad guys or the good guys. Mumra is set on trying to retrieve the stone that is embedded in the sword and he’s trying to track down Lionel for it.

The journey continues with small tales that help Lionel grow into a larger wiser character, hopefully they actually show him mature, kinda like how Luke changed it he final chapter of the Star Wars saga. He’s aided by his older brother, Tigra. He has a bad-ass whip can disappear and seems better at everything compared to Lionel. Also accompanying them is Cheetarah. She’s is a super fast cheetah girl with a staff. She’s part of this Cleric that is kinda like the special-forces-swat-team who protect Thundera. She’s the last of her kind. Panthro is an old man who is a beast. He was a general in Thundera. He’s the muscle of the group. And then there’s the two kids. I forget their names, but they are thieves…probably homeless kittens. They provide comic relief and do the stupid things that get the gang in trouble.

I guess you could say that I like this series. After typing this I guess you could say it’s fresh in the ole noggin and kind of a refreshing story that I haven’t really seen since they originally came out with the Clone Wars animated series.

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  • pml September 12, 2011 at 11:48 pm

    I might have to check this out, but I don’t know about the anime style. I tried to watch the new Iron Man and Wolverine cartoons but just couldn’t get into them because I don’t like that style. On another note Clone Wars is coming back soon and this season is looking to be phenomenal.

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